A trip to Newcastle’s Quayside Market

A trip to Newcastle’s Quayside Market

Both Craig and I have cherished memories of trips to Newcastle’s Quayside Market from our respective childhoods, where grabbing a bite to eat usually meant chips in a cone and, if you were good, a bag of sugar-coated donuts to top off the day browsing the copied DVDs, various gardening stalls and copious amounts of useless tat. How times have changed…

In recent years, Newcastle has experienced a street food revolution and the Quayside market has certainly not fallen behind. In the small square to the west side of the market, a collection of street food vendors meet each week and deliver the city’s greatest takeaway offerings, from Japanese and Korean, to Persian and Mediterranean – there is quite literally something for everyone. And now there’s even something for us vegans!

You don’t have to travel to Berlin for delicious vegan food, and this week’s video showcases the very best of Newcastle’s vegan offering. Please like, comment and subscribe!

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