Emirates Vegan Meal Review

Emirates Vegan Meal Review

I recently flew home to the UK from Sydney and, over the course of 24 hours, tried four different Emirates vegan meals. I must say, I was very impressed. This is only my second ever time flying long haul vegan (the first being on Taiwanese airline, EVA Air). Although I expect the meal options are different depending on the flight, I thought I’d write a little about the food I received and how good it was.


emirates vegan breakfast

I flew overnight into Dubai and then onto Newcastle from there. As a result of my flight times, I had two breakfasts – one on each flight. On the first flight, I had an amazing meal of tofu, baked beans and potato in a tasty tomato sauce. I also received a small pot of cucumber, carrots and walnuts; some chopped fruit and a bread roll. All of the meals came with vegan spread and soy milk for tea or coffee, too. I think a lot of thought was put into these meals, particularly breakfast as all other customers were having omelettes. It was nice to still get a warm and protein-packed meal as a vegan!

emirates vegan breakfast

My second breakfast was a sweet muffin (one I genuinely couldn’t believe was vegan!) along with a sandwich filled with roasted veggies and a tomato paste. Another really satisfying snack, even if it was accompanied by one of those stupid plastic cups of water I hated so much.

Main Meals

I had two hot evening meals while aboard the Emirates flights. The first was a roasted veggie and tomato stew with rice and a side of chickpeas, garden peas and sweetcorn, which I mixed into boost the protein. This dish came with a little mango sticky rice, that I was too full to each and a bread roll.

My second hot meal was another rice dish, this time with green lentils and aubergine, and a side of hummus. There was even a sweet desert of yoghurt and a fruit coolis/jam substance, along with some crackers, vegan spread and even vegan cheese! (Almonds pictured are my own).

emirates vegan meal


In the middle of the night, I was half a sleep and given a hot bread snack, which had a tomato and cheese-like filling. It was definitely vegan, as all items had specific stickers on so it might have been vegan cheese or even potato as I munched on it in a daze in the dark, it wasn’t easy to identify the contents!

All in all, the Emirates vegan meals were second-to-none. The dishes are delicious and the smaller side dishes were obviously very carefully thought out to provide adequate fats, protein and nutrients. I definitely think my meals were the envy of my fellow passengers, who were stuck with the choice of beef or chicken in a brown sauce! If you get the chance, I highly recommend ordering vegan when flying Emirates. You won’t be disappointed.

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