North East Vegan Festival | November 2017

North East Vegan Festival | November 2017

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a while! It’s not ideal to abandon a blog in its infancy, but life has gotten in the way over the last few months. Today’s trip to Sunderland for the bi-annual North East Vegan Festival seemed like a better time than any to sheepishly return to Howay the Herbivores and share all of our awesome (and delicious) purchases.

This is the second North East Vegan Festival we have attended since going vegan in March of this year. The festival, which is operated and supported by Farplace Animal Rescue, took place at the Stadium of Light. We headed along for midday with v-pals Michael and Maisie of Obviously Vegan with empty bellies and full wallets to see what awesome vegan treats we could bag.

This festival was really well organised, with lovely security/hosting staff and the main bar and restaurant was open to purchases drinks, they even let you eat food from the festival in there! The main room housed the bulk of the food salls, with everything from classic vegan junk food like hot dogs, burgers and donuts, all the way through to the exeotic treats of Jamaica and India. We were determined to try a bit of everything.

First things first we bagged a new pot of Tyne Chease, a North East-based cashew nut cheese company who make hands-down the best vegan cheese we’ve ever had. After £7-8 quid a pop, this stuff isn’t cheap and must be savoured, but boy it’s worth it! Inspired by our last flavour, Ethiopian Spice, we branched out to the Za’atar Spice. Before going vegan, neither of us were particularly big fans of cheesy-cheese, so this stuff is absolutely perfect for us. It’s more like a indulgent and rich nut pâté which goes perfect with olive bread (our favourite combo).

tyne chease

It was time for our first take-away purchase – I went for a Jackfruit Wrap from Parallel7, which I loved so much I went back and picked up a pot of their ready cooked jackfruit and bean chilli to take home. Craig opted for a favourite of ours – The Green Guerilla. These are probably the best burgers I’ve ever had, not only is the patty perfectly spiced and meaty, but the fillings and sauces take it to the next level. Fresh slaw, garlic and lime mayo and vegan cheese were all atop Craig’s burger mountain.

green guerilla

vegan burgers

Due to a significant lack of decent vegan cakes in the supermarket, I always aim to stock up whenever I can as there’s nothing better than a well-made slice of cake with a cup of tea. I picked up three brownies for £6 from Brownie for a Day, 2 chocolate donuts and a slice of pistachio cake for Craig from two sweet treat stalls I’ve unfortunately forgotten the name of!

vegan brownie

Despite our initial gluttony, we were still peckish to try something from a little further afield. We opted for a platter from Brownins, which included soya jerk chicken, rice & beans, chickpea curry, platain chips and jerk gravy sauce. This was slightly more dear at £10 but we shared and it was well worth every penny!

The only non-edible purchase of the day was a tote bag from Uncaptive for £5, as my current tote is looking bit tatty from acting as my lunch box for work. I love all of the Uncaptive designs and they’re often at the Quayside Market selling their ethical fashion so no doubt this will be the first of many purchases for me. uncaptive tote

A few other treats to take home included chilli jam sausage rolls from Green Guerilla, a jar of mild spice Jamaican hot sauce from Nobina’s and a tub of Beetroot Hummus from Helen’s Hummus.

vegan sausage rolls

Absolutely over the moon with our purchases of the day! Did you go to the North East Vegan Festival? What did you buy? Share your veggie buys in the comments below!

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