Why We’re Quitting Our Jobs And Going Traveling

Why We’re Quitting Our Jobs And Going Traveling

If I had a penny for every time the thought “quit your job and travel” has passed my mind over the last few years, I’d have enough money to see every country in the world! However, now we are finally doing it. We’ve handed in our notices, we’ve book one-way flights and bought outdoor backpacks… so, why now?

In short: 2018 sucks

2018 has been a funny ol’ year so far. In January I was made redundant from my job (read more about that in my blog post about things I learnt after being made redundant at 26). I found myself forced into the situation I had always feared, and would inevitably come if I went traveling – living at home with not job. It actually wasn’t that bad! We settled in quickly and are fortunate enough to explore the stunning North East coastline from our doorstep at every opportunity. I found a new job within weeks and met some fabulous people in my short time there.

There’s never a good time to go traveling

Over the last five years, Craig and I have discussed the prospect of quitting our jobs and going traveling at length and it was never a good time. Being made redundant in January made me realise that life events don’t want for a good time to happen! So we decided it was time for us to take control of our own life events and explore the world before it’s too late.

Time is ticking

Both Craig and I turn 27 this year, meaning we only have a few years left to be eligible for Australia’s Working Holiday Visa. This pressure has worked in our favour, as I feel it could be possible to keep putting it off and before we know it, it would have been too late!

Buying a house has always seemed like a priority for us, having lived together in rented accommodation for nearly five years. However, the older we get the more it becomes clear to us what we really want from life and how society can impact that.

Living the lesser life

Since going vegan last year, we have both been on ethical and spiritual journeys of our own. Craig has embraced Brazilian Jujitsu and has seen his stamina and physical fitness excel thanks to the removal of animal products for our diets (and life!). I’ve worked hard in my yoga practice, and expanded my wider reading to a variety of spiritual teachings including Taoism and Stoicism. The more I expand my horizons, the more I realise that traveling the world is what I really want at this period in my life. Additionally, I feel wiser to the pressures of society and neither of us want to live our lives like a board game – picking up more and more things as you go along the board.

Traveller on a mountain

In reality, we want to shed our burdens – be is physical or otherwise. We’re excited to travel with only rucksacks on our backs and with limited access to the home comforts we have become so used to!

We’re hoping to record our travels on this blog and also on our YouTube channel so please join us by following us on social media and subscribing to our YouTube channel. Take off is in six weeks, so not long until the adventure begins!

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