EVA Air Vegan Meals Review

EVA Air Vegan Meals Review

As a vegan, you’d probably think in-flight meals are a no-go. Gone are the times of packing your hand luggage full to the brim with snacks (although we did this anyway on our recent flight from Heathrow to Bangkok), as we’ve discovered there are an abundance of vegan airplane food on these long haul journeys.

Taiwanese airline, EVA Airways, flies from London Heathrow to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi several times a week and, if booking in advance, tickets can set you back just £300-400 with a whopping 30kg of luggage, two meals and several free drinks and snacks. When booking our tickets for this 11hr journey halfway around the world, I was delighted to see that the airline offered “vegan meal option” so we ticked the boxes, excited to try what they had to offer us.

Evening Meal

Leaving Heathrow at 21:25, the first meal was served around 1-2 hours into the flight and included a delicious warm serving of chickpeas in a spicy tomato sauces with white rice, sweetcorn, peas and green beans. This was far superior to what we had expected, pretty much the perfect packed lunch to see us on our way to Bangkok. The tray also housed a bread roll, melon balls (gala, cantaloupe and water varieties!), a fresh salad pot and even some chargrilled veggies. What a treat!

Delicious plant-based in-flight meal on EVA Airways

Midnight Snacks

At around 2-3am (I was half asleep), the airhostess brought around some vegan sandwiches, which we didn’t end up eating as we weren’t hungry but it looked to us like more chargrilled veggies in vegan spread, not much to complain about there either!

Breakfast on-board

Before landing at Thai time 3pm (and early morning for us), we were served a breakfast tray, which had a warm dish of tomato beans and another bread roll with melon. Unfortunately they did serve a single wrapped croissant on our plate, which wasn’t SFV (egg and milk marked as allergens on the packet), but we’ll give the sleepy airhostesses the benefit of the doubt on this one as, all in all, flying EVA Airways to Bangkok was a fantastic experience, particularly as two vegans who often find it difficult to find healthy, tasty food on the go.

Have you ever flown longhaul and received a vegan airplane food? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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