Six Vegan Protein Sources You Should Always Have in Your Kitchen

Six Vegan Protein Sources You Should Always Have in Your Kitchen

Getting Protein As A Vegan

When you decide to omit animal products from your life, you will inevitably be challenged on your protein intake. Because meat has somehow become synonymous with protein, most people assume vegan protein sources don’t exist. Don’t worry – protein, which is made up of essential amino acids that the body can’t produce on its own, is actually abundant in almost all plant foods (did you know that there are 80,000 edible plants?). If you’re eating a variety of plant foods and enough calories, you will most likely hit minimum protein intake. But is minimum enough?

Handy Vegan Protein Sources

If you’re trying to build muscle as a vegan, you may want to up your intake, which requires preparation. We’ve created a handy list of vegan protein sources you can buy and keep in your cupboard to craft meals with. Most take very little time to cook as part of a meal – or in the case of seeds, add to one. These are only a few of the many vegan protein sources available (we love Seitan too, vital wheat gluten which is immensely protein-rich), but the products we’ve listed are perhaps the easiest to buy, store and cook so you’ve always got protein to hand. Oats, for instance, can be bought in large bags and then used for daily protein boosts at breakfast when mixed with some non-dairy milk and sprinkled with seeds and nuts. Take a look at the graphic below to see our favourite vegan protein staples and get those cupboards stocked up!

vegan protein sources

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