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Yo Sushi Blue Mondays – Vegan Menu (June 2018)

Yo Sushi Blue Mondays – Vegan Menu (June 2018)

As an avid lover of sushi, I probably haven’t spent as much time at Yo Sushi as I should have. I’m a huge fan of Nudo, both the noodle house and the sushi boxes, so, to me, Yo has always seemed a bit of a gimmick. However, recently I’ve noticed an increasing buzz online as the chain’s vegan menu has started to grow, so I figured it was my duty as a vegan to try it out! And, unsurprisingly, since discovering ‘Blue Mondays‘, where Yo offers a significant range of dishes at blue plate prices (£2.90 a pop), I’ve become quite the fan of the chain’s offering.

I’ve only been to the Newcastle City Centre branch, and I am aware that the menu differs between restaurants, so it’s always good to check online first before heading in and assuming they’ll have the full menu on offer. On the Blue Mondays menu, there are 45 dishes available at just £2.90 each.

Signified on the menu by a v+, the Yo Sushi’s current Blue Monday vegan dishes are as follows:

  • Tofu Katsu Curry
  • Pumpkin Katsu
  • Pumpkin Katsu Curry
  • Edamame & Spinach Gyoza
  • Vegetable Tempura
  • Vegetable Chahan
  • Vegetable Yakisoba
  • Inari Nigiri
  • Fruit
  • Harusame Aubergine
  • Kaiso Seaweed

That’s right, there are 11 vegan dishes on the Yo Sushi Blue Mondays menu! Not bad, ey? Over the last couple of visits, I’ve tried most of these… and my favourites are:

The Inari Nigiri (sweet beancurd parcels filled with sticky rice), Pumpkin Katsu and Gyoza are all regulars on the spinny thing (what’s this even called?), whereas those wanting Tofu Katsu Curry will have to order directly from a waiter. This benefit of this is that it’s super fresh and piping hot, and if you can get a table at the bar then you can watch it being made, which is pretty cool. All the of the dishes are delicious and there’s great variation, whether you’re into whole foods, protein-packed soy products or deep-fried goodness, there’s definitely something for you on the Yo Sushi Blue Mondays menu.

What’s your favourite thing on the Yo Sushi vegan menu? Let us know in the comments below!

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